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In 2017, a quarter of French companies had an international development strategy. Why not you?

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Each country has its own insurance rules and culture

We work with a brokers’ network located all around the world. Thanks to them, we have learnt about local practices and can help you to interpret them!

Whatever the size of your company (small, medium, large), your activity, the location and number of your plants abroad, we can help you to find a solution that suits your subsidiaries’ coverage strategy.

  • inde

    Insurance premiums in India must be paid before insurance of the policy : it is called a cash before cover country.

  • pays_bas

    The employer’s civil liability for land motor vehicles is a special compulsory insurance in the Netherlands.

  • bresil

    The “Repatriation” insurance policy in Brazil can only be issued if a detailed list of all Brazilian employees is given to the insurer.

  • assurance_usa

    The CGL in the USA only covers up to two million dollars.


Customised services

  • Proposal of an insurance scheme suitable for your company and its international subsidiaries
  • Monitoring the deployment of international insurance programmes and check on compliance with locally issued policies
  • Monitoring of international claims
  • Information feedback concerning all the insurance covering your group and its subsidiaries
  • Annual financial report
  • Review of insurance clauses in commercial contracts in English
  • Legal and tax monitoring internationally

Our network throughout the world



Today, due to the geographical location of our clients, we have a partnership with brokers in 26 countries.

The functioning of international insurance



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