Protect my staff

Protect my staff

Businesses :protect your employees!

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Santé collective

Group Health

We pay attention to the health of your employees

Health is what everyone holds dearest. Your job is to help your employees to remain healthy. Recent legislative changes have made this an obligation.

Group Protection

We help you anticipate difficult moments for your employees

Accident, illness, disability, death are delicate events to manage by your employees and their families. Arrange things so that the financial aspect is not a concern for them.

Mobilité des collaborateurs

Employee mobility

We enable your employees to travel with peace of mind

Your employees are regularly asked to go on missions in France or abroad. This travel is a source of risk to be insured by the employer.


Learn more about travel assistance insurance

Retired employees

We help your employees to calmly prepare for retirement

Social Security and complementary pension funds do not give your employees a pension with a sum close to their average income.

Retraite des salariés

Our Services

Support designed to suit your needs

  • Interrogating the market to find the most suitable insurance solution for you; also, informing you of generally recognised practices or evolution in products
  • Auditing your existing policies to help you to put yourself into compliance with regulations.
  • Preparing comprehensive technical advice, which will help you choose the insurance suited to the needs of your employees and your budget.
  • Monitoring the legal and statutory regulations, to regularly notify you of changes affecting your firm.
  • Negotiating with union organizations : intervening as expert to facilitate your talks concerning the implementation of new health or provident schemes.
  • Organising calls for tenders with organisations to respond perfectly to precise specifications.

Union Industrielle also supports you with the following contracts :

  • Key person
  • Kidnapping – ransom
  • Unemployment of the manager