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Staff mobility

Let your employeestravel abroad with peace of mind

The assistance contract

Why take out an assistance contract?

Your employees may have to live abroad or be assigned to a mission in France and abroad. There is a risk in these trips, which must be insured by the employer. The assistance contract allows you to let your employees go in peace of mind. If your employee is in trouble, the assister makes the right decisions and coordinates the actions of service providers to help him or her.

The main cover in an assistance contract

  • Information and advice prior to travel or trip
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Repatriation
  • Luggage insurance
  • Legal assistance
  • Capital for death or disability
  • Insurance in case of crisis, etc


Comprehensive cover for expatriates

Even if your employee goes to work abroad with a French employment contract, this does not mean that his/her social protection remains the same. The expatriate will no longer benefit from the Primary Health Insurance Fund system.


In terms of retirement and pension, the general principle is that the social law concerning expatriate status applies (excluding the EU, where 28 states have signed a bilateral agreement).


A group insurance program allows you to ensure social protection for your expats, and maintain their level of cover in health and social welfare.

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Advice given to employers in terms of the country visited
(Source: Centre for European and International Liaisons concerning Social Security)

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