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Fire prevention

Fire prevention :Improve fire protection of your facilities and human safety organization

Your fire protection

We bring suitable advice to your business

The aim of our support is to increase the level of prevention and protection on your sites, and advise you on the “right investment”.


Consequences of having a fire prevention and protection strategy are significant (see diagram opposite).

Our assistance in fire prevention

We propose a continuous improvement process through personalised support and a close monitoring of the client.


We advise you in the choice of equipment and service providers recognised on the market (quote assessment, expertise, technical choice, etc).

  • Our independence ensures the relevance of our advice because we do not actually create the installation.
  • Our recommendations ensure compliance with insurance standards

And you control and protect your budget !


Chart of risks audited during the visit



  • Congestion
  • Storage / Maintenance
  • Control over smoking areas
  • Self-inspection
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Fire Permits
  • Procedure for decommissioning
  • Outdoor storage
  • Storage of pallets
  • Economics engineer
  • Infrared thermography
  • Extinguishers
  • Fire extinguisher system
  • Smoke evacuation
  • Sprinkler protection
  • Smoke detection
  • Water supply
  • Fire brigade
  • Physical protection
  • Fire drill

Are you planning a new building construction project?

We assist you technically with all new construction, expansion or renovation projects :

  • Drafting specifications
  • Review of fire protection: approval of the sprinkler protection and other emergency devices (extinguishers, fire extinguisher system)
  • Final acceptance (reception of sprinkler and inspection of risks)
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