Prevention of product liability
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Prevention of product liability

Product civil liability prevention :Reduce your financial risks' exposure

Civil liability concerning products

A Union Industrielle innovation!

Many events can destabilise your firm and even put it at stake, due to exposure to legal risk connected to product liability. Damages caused to third parties are usually compensated through financial indemnification that can threaten continuity of your company.


The financial challenge can be particularly devastating when linked to the provision of defective or non-compliant products, especially when they must be withdrawn from the market as part of a “Recall” campaign.

Our aim : propose an analysis of vulnerability

  • Identify the events causing harm to third parties with the possibility of incurring the liability of your firm
  • Assess the liability risk and its consequences for the functioning of your firm
  • Propose adequate actions for prevention and treatment to reduce your exposure

The procedure

  • Crossways analysis targeting all phases of the product (design – production – commercial life)
  • Onsite inspection, meetings with persons involved
  • Examination of certain legal documents (sales and purchase contracts)
  • Evaluation of suppliers / subcontractors
  • Compilation of relevant financial information

A global vision

Finally, we will provide you with synthetic and global vision including risk charts, graphs of financial exposure and advice, to reduce your exposure.

We can also assist you in setting up, implementing and monitoring these recommendations in a Risk Management procedure.


Risk chart audited during the inspection



  • Civil liability concerning products
  • Subcontractors audit
  • Commercial contracts reviewed by a lawyer
  • Suppliers/subcontractors Liability insurance (certificate)
  • Engineering & Design Department
  • Product legal compliance
  • Product/initial samples tested
  • Conformity to client’s expectations reviewed
  • Production process written and standardized
  • Quality Manager
  • Product quality assessed
  • Maintenance team with standardized process
  • Product traceability
  • Legal risks assessed for exportation
  • User Manual reviewed by a lawyer
  • Claim, litigation, emergency response standardized
  • Customer satisfaction assessed
  • Client auditing the insured
  • Recall plan written and standardized
  • Training budget at least equivalent to legal requirements
  • In-house legal department or external lawyer
  • Insurance risk exposure reviewed annualy

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