Protect your assets

For any company, protecting its assets means securing its wealth.

Property insurance is designed to protect a company’s tangible and intangible assets against damage or financial loss resulting from a variety of unforeseeable events: fire, natural disasters, floods, acts of vandalism, cyber-attacks, fleet or building management, terrorism.

Union Industrielle’s technical teams, in both Prevention and Underwriting, analyze the risks and environment of our customers, whether they are large corporations, ETIs or SMEs/SMIs, and are able to design innovative, tailor-made solutions adapted to the reality of their risks.

Our choice of insurers is systematically based on the specific characteristics of our customers and their businesses, and on a contractual and financial approach that favors the long term.

The quality of our relationships with risk carriers is designed to protect you from fluctuations in the insurance market. 

We are constantly on the lookout for optimized solutions for our customers, keeping abreast of market innovations, whether in terms of cover offered or the creation of specific programs: international programs, captive insurance or virtual captives, parametric insurance, etc.

Our contract management and claims handling teams operate on the basis of full or semi-complete delegation from insurance companies, guaranteeing our customers quality and responsiveness in the handling of their claims.