Protect your employees

Because people are the backbone of any business, we offer comprehensive personal insurance solutions.

Whether for group health and welfare, retirement savings or international mobility, we can help you protect your employees and managers. 

In the event of an accident or illness resulting in temporary or permanent disability, a company employee may find himself in a delicate situation.

To protect its employees, the company can take out insurance policies to supplement Social Security compensation in the event of: 

  • Death or total and irreversible loss of autonomy of the employee 
  • Temporary incapacity to work  
  • Permanent total disability

Products: accidental death & disability, long term care (death, sick leave, etc.), international mobility (expatriation, secondment, etc.), accident and critical illness insurance, international pooling 

Services: Quality of working life (analysis of absenteeism, dashboards, etc.), return-to-work assistance, psychological support for employees and/or managers) 

You can offer your employees a supplementary pension plan to complement the schemes provided by the general scheme.  

These schemes offer your employees advantages and flexibility: preferential social and tax arrangements, investment profitability, compulsory and optional payments…. 

Products : End-of-career indemnities, new PERE 

When your employees travel abroad on business, it’s essential to take out assistance and repatriation cover to deal with any health problems or accidents that may occur abroad. These policies can be taken out on a one-off or annual basis, depending on your needs.  

Our teams are at your disposal to advise you on the best solutions to meet your real needs.